Mike Brennan and Sa'eed Nelson postgame video and quotes — Navy 60, American 56

American coach Mike Brennan and junior guard Sa’eed Nelson spoke after American’s season came to an end with a 60-56 home loss to Navy in the quarterfinals of the Patriot League tournament. See below for full video and select quotes.

On AU's 7-for-35 night shooting 3s
“All our looks weren’t great. Thirty-five threes is way too many. But a lot of them were good looks, and I think if we had just made a couple here and there, it sort of loosens it up a little bit. If you miss that many, it just increases the difficulty of getting to the rim. … when we did get looks we didn’t make them, and when there were openings we didn’t take as much advantage of it as we should have.”

On the season
”You always want to keep playing. I thought there was a ton of games where we played really well but didn’t win. We played well for 38 minutes and didn’t win. Despite our record, there’s been a ton of progress, the group has been great. It’s early, but I feel good about everybody coming back essentially, the pieces that we’re adding, getting older. If they continue to work the way they have, we should be good next year.”

On the 3s
”I think they were forcing us to take a lot of 3s, but at the same time a lot of 3s were open. We had a lot of open shots and today just wasn’t our day — guys were missing a lot of open 3s. I didn’t really have a problem with us shooting that many 3s.”

On the season
”Definitely a lot of progress. It’s been more wins than my first two seasons here. A lot of guys made a lot of progress this year — Stacy, Mark, Josh, Jacob. All the guys have been working hard a lot this season, and we’ve got a lot of them, basically all of them coming back. So we’ve just got to talk about it and get ready for next year.”