Mike Brennan previews Patriot League tournament, Navy

Mike Brennan spoke ahead of American’s Patriot League quarterfinal Thursday vs. Navy. See below for full video and select quotes.

On defending the three while also getting rebounds
”It’s hard to do, it’s hard to do, but you’ve got to do them both. And they’ve been shooting really well and shot the heck out of the ball against BU, shot really well against Bucknell.”

On the guys at the top of the scouting report
”(Hasan) Abdullah and (George) Kiernan make them go. They’re the leaders, they’ve played the most minutes. Just in everything they do — point production and statistically. In having the team play hard, I think everyone follows their lead.”

On Navy’s zone vs. Holy Cross’ zone
”There are similarities just because it’s a zone. You’re forced to move the ball, passing’s a premium, getting in the gaps and that kind of stuff, making open shots. But you’ve still got to find a way to score inside, too.”

On the team’s rotation going forward
”Essentially. But you know, you never know who’s gonna need to step up and what’s gonna happen.”