Postgame video and quotes — American 66, Holy Cross 49

American cruised to a 66-49 win over Holy Cross Saturday to improve to 12-9, 6-4 in the Patriot League with a fourth consecutive win.

On defending Jehyve Floyd
”I thought we did a great job on Floyd today. He’s a handful, he’s a really difficult guy to guard — and you’ve got to guard him with your whole team. So I thought not just the people guarding him individually but guys helping did a good job.”

On Sa’eed’s defense
”He’s all over the place — he’s been leading us on both ends of the floor. He’s been terrific. There’s a ton of stuff he does out there that just prevents them from doing what they want to do — it just doesn’t show up in the stats. But he stuffs the stat sheet, too, with steals and blocks and rebounds.”

On having Sam or Marvin back Wednesday at Navy
”Don’t know — sort of day to day right now.”

On defending without fouling
”Naturally, guys just try to get their hands off defenders playing defense. Obviously, guys being in the right spots, having help defense is probably one of the big factors to us not fouling that much — being in the right spot so you know you’re not recovering, and then you’ve got to get your hands out or something.”

On Sa’eed’s defense
”I mean that’s just Sa’eed on a nightly basis whether it’s practice, whatever — I’m sure that that guy makes those kinds of plays as long as he’s played basketball.”

On Jacob Boonyasith’s big day
“Jacob definitely stepped up big-time. You could tell he came in today knowing he was starting with the right mindset. And obviously he came in and made some shots, which was big.”

On being in the thick of the Patriot League race
”From the beginning of the season we’ve felt pretty confident we’re one of the best teams in the conference, if not the best, and obviously now things are coming together — it’s kind of making us feel we were right.”