Postgame video and quotes — American 76, Bucknell 68

American beat Bucknell 76-68 to improve to 10-9, 4-4 in the Patriot League. See below for postgame video and select quotes from coach Mike Brennan and Sa’eed Nelson.

On Josh Alexander’s development
”He’s been doing it since he stepped on campus, just steadily working hard. He’s terrific. He’s one of the most coachable kids that we’ve had here. He really understands the game. “

On Stacy Beckton Jr.’s defense
”He’s been attentive off the ball just knowing where his man is, where the ball is, where we need help — just being more aggressive.”

Big picture on getting the win
”The biggest thing is we’re improving — did a lot of good things, played pretty well at times against a really good team.”

On Marvin’s concussion
”I don’t know, to be honest, how long it’s gonna take.”

”I felt like we just wanted it more. After the first game when we played them a couple weeks ago, we should’ve had a win on their home court. We just came out with that energy like this was our championship game, and we just held it all the way to the end. I think our guys stepped it up big-time and we just fought the whole game.”

On the help defense
”It’s huge because those dudes can still make shots while being contested, but rather that than just an easy dunk or layup for them. So we just stressed everybody being help-side — it’s already hard enough guarding them one-on-one, so — two people go at one dude when he’s at the rim; it makes a huge difference especially on some of those pull-ups, too.”

On AU’s biggest improvement to this point
“Just competing every day. I feel like our last few practices have been the hardest of the year, especially after that three-game losing streak.”

On playing at this level in all games
”It’s hard as a player. When you play better teams, you’re more pumped up obviously. But we’ve just gotta have that mindset to come out and play every game like — Lafayette was in a game with Lehigh. We just think we can compete with everybody. It’s just having that mindset to come out, stay focused, don’t play toward your competition, play to win every game no matter who you’re playing against. Hopefully this win, it shows our team that we can beat anybody in the league at any given team.”