Postgame quotes: Bucknell 80, American 61

American fell to Bucknell 80-61 on Saturday in the regular-season finale, dropping the Eagles to 6-23, 3-15 in the Patriot League. Head coach Mike Brennan and sophomore guard Sa'eed Nelson spoke afterward. See below for select quotes. 

Mike Brennan
"It was a tough one for us to finish off the season because we've been making, in my mind, a lot of progress. So I just gotta make sure that our guys understand that." 

On Sa'eed continuing to attack
"He's been doing that all year just keeping us in it, continuing to attack. I ask so much of him. He's playing a ton of minutes. He's dealing with Stephen Brown all night and trying to make plays constantly. it's like a balance for him but I think he's doing a terrific job of just trying to get other guys involved, and for us to be any good he has to do that." 

On team giving maximum effort
"Absolutely. They've done everything that we've asked. We're starting Jesse Little. We're starting Marvin BRagg. He's banged up. They've done everything that we've asked, they've played hard, they've gotten better. So despite the record, I'm happy with the group, I'm excited about their progress and excited about them moving forward. And I told them that whoever we play on Tuesday, that you were probably either up with five minutes to go (against them) or you were right there." 

On Marvin Bragg leaving game early
"It's something with his leg. I don't know. Nothing major. ... We'll see how he feels tomorrow."


Sa'eed Nelson
"I think we missed some shots. We didn't get on defense in the first half, which led to that big run."

On making a run in the PL tournament
"I think we're very confident. I mean, like you said, we're close with everybody except Bucknell both times. Everyboyd in the league we had a lead on with five minutes left in the game, something like that. Like I said, season's over, it's playoff season now, everybody's 0-0. We just gonna come out whoever we play next game and give it our all." 

On the main keys in the postseason
"I think we just gotta stay locked in defensively. Obviously mistakes are gonna happen, but getting back in transition — that has to be a must. And just staying solid — don't bailed them out. We fouled them a lot today." 

On the slow starts to second halves
"I think we just come out too slow, man. Every coming out of the locker room, I don't know. We've got to do something, we've got to figure it out as a team in the locker room."