Postgame quotes: American 60, Boston 56

Head coach Mike Brennan and point guard Sa'eed Nelson spoke after American snapped its seven-game losing streak with a 60-56 win over Boston on Wednesday. See below for full video and select quotes. 

Mike Brennan
On adjusting to BU's man-to-man in the second half
"We got the ball into Sam's hands to make some plays. I thought Marvin made some big plays. He had a drive where he was under control — he kicked it out to Sam for an open shot and he got a big offensive rebound for us."

How big of a relief to finally get a win?
"They've been working so hard so for us to be able to do what we did tonight — to executive and defend and compete — tells me, and I see it every day, the guys are in it. They see that they're getting better. So for them to have something tangible tonight to celebrate is huge for them."

On defending Max Mahoney
"Mahoney is a beast. He's an absolute animal down there. You're not gonna completely stop him. I thought we gave him some ones that we shouldn't have, but to guard that guy the whole game is difficult. But we got some key stops toward the end there."

Sa'eed Nelson
On finally snapping the losing streak
"It's a real relief — like you said, seven-game losing streak. But we've been coming to practice every day practicing the same as if they were winning. I mean, all these games are tight and our last win was versus them so we were a little pumped for this game. We came out and matched their intensity and we pushed through it the last couple minutes of the game." 

On adjusting to the man-to-man
"At first we weren't expecting it because that zone, it wasn't bad in the first half. We thought they would stay in it. When they came out man, we felt pretty confident but we started turning the ball over. We just told the guys when we got in the huddle to be patient. Backdoor cuts started getting open, and just running our offense — patience, patience, patience, that's what we tell them, and we got easy layups and got to the foul line a little bit late second half (and) was knocking down free throws."

On the action between him and Sam Iorio
"We always talk when somebody's on the foul line or when it's a dead ball. He's like, 'Oh, Sa, I'm a set this pick right here and I'ma pop.' OK, so now I know, he's not diving. He'll still read it but he's not diving. We just have that communication. I know if he's not making it, it's pretty close."