Postgame quotes: Howard 85, American 83

Mike Brennan spoke after American’s 85-83 loss to Howard, dropping the Eagles to 5-3 on the season. See below for full video and select quotes.

On HU’s trio of R.J. Cole, C.J. Williams and Chad Lott, who combined for 65 of Howard’s 85.
”They’re good individual players. I thought they made a lot of tough like one-on-one plays where we had a guy on a guy. We had a lot of plays where we didn’t have a guy on a guy, but the times we did they still scored. … We’ve just gotta get a little tougher, a little grittier.”

On lessons learned
”I think it exposed our defense for sure. So it’s like a seesaw — you just go back and forth. You think your offense is struggling against Wagner, you work on that. You know your defense wasn’t great in the second half vs. Saint Francis. We sort of saw that but couple days of prep we didn’t do enough to be ready defensively for this group today.”

On Sam Iorio’s missed 3-pointer that would’ve tied it
”Yeah, it’s a good play by Sa’eed (Nelson) and Sam again. You don’t want to obviously rely on that kind of stuff to win games. Again, we’ve gotten lucky in the past. Today he misses and it’s a different story.”