Postgame quotes: Northwestern 63, American 51

Here’s what Mike Brennan had to say after American fell 63-51 at Northwestern to drop to 1-1 on the young season.

Overall thoughts
I thought we came out and competed. They’re good, they have a ton of length out there that we haven’t seen yet. I thought they missed shots I think that they normally make, which helps you stay in the game. But I thought we did a lot of things to make that happen on the defensive end.”

On Sa’eed being doubled, having a tough night
”He’s got to do so much for us and obviously people are going to key on him. We just got to get some other guys to do more, and that’s going to come with time. And asking Sa’eed to find a balance, we rely on him to do so much, and then we’re asking him to somehow get other guys involved and let them help but it’s a hard balance to strike. He’s been great offensively, aggressive, and sharing, and getting other guys involved as much as he possibly can. And then he’s been terrific on the defensive end too, off the ball as well as on the ball.”

On Mark Gasperini (17 points in 30 minutes)
He needs to keep playing and keep getting that experience. Obviously, having a year off is big. He hadn’t played a ton to be honest before his freshman year - he’s only been playing basketball for about four years. He’s getting better every day. He needs to be out there, and he’s getting his points. But even the mistakes, he’s got to work through those, and I’m not upset when he makes a mistake. It’s just like, OK it’s something that you learn and move on and get better from.”

On another solid game from Y.Y.
”A lot like Gasperini, having been out for so long, it’s just being out there playing, making plays, what can you do, what can’t you do, and what you should be thinking about. His efforts are off the charts and I couldn’t be happier with everything that he’s given us. Obviously, he’s on the court making plays, that’s what he does for our team, and how we’ve been practicing that got us to this point so far.”

On Jacob Boonyasith’s night (6 points, 3 rebounds before fouling out)
”I like everything about Jacob, he’s going to be very good. As a freshman, only his second game, he hasn’t gotten a ton of minutes. I’d like to get him out there as much as possible. I’d like to get Josh (Alexander) out there more, but it’s hard when you’re trying to win the game. It’s hard to just throw freshmen in when we’re still so green. I like everything that Jacob has been giving us in practice. He’s going to be a very good player for us.”

On getting ready for New Hampshire Friday
”There’s a 3 AM wakeup call (Tuesday), so try and get as much rest as possible tomorrow. And just learn from tonight and learn from Mason; try to have two good practices. You want to be happy on Friday because you have a whole week before you play again. But it’s also something to look forward to. You got some time to rest to get through this 3-4 day stretch. So hopefully we can make some progress in those two practices.”