Army 58, American 54: Mike Brennan postgame

American lost to Army 58-54 on Jan. 8, falling to 3-12, 0-4 in the Patriot League. See below for full video of Mike Brennan's postgame press conference and select quotes. 

On the offense in the last 6 minutes (no points)
"I thought we were sort of sharing the ball and doing some good things throughout the entire game. But when it gets down to — just like all league games are going to get down the last few minutes where it's tight and you've got to be precise with everything you do and you got to continue to think about other people and share the ball, I thought we sort of tightened up a little bit."  

On the pace. Did you get sped up?
"They're good in transition for sure. I mean, we were tired. The pace, it seemed like a normal pace." 

On the defense
"They were into it for sure. They did a really good job. But again in this league everybody's good and they're gonna come back and ev gonna adjust at halftime and make runs and compete. So we've got to be able to do it for an entire game and we're just not there yet." 

On the last possession
"I mean, Sam was right at the rim. Everything that we ran we essentially got. I mean Sa'eed right at the rim, Sam's right at the rim twice, I thought we got a couple open looks. So it's just again finishing."