Postgame quotes: Navy 61, American 44

American fell to Navy 61-44 on Jan. 31, dropping the Eagles to 5-17, 2-9 in the Patriot League. See below for quotes from head coach Mike Brennan, Navy head coach Ed DeChellis and Navy forward Shawn Anderson.

Mike Brennan
"We got stymied by the zone, couldn't score against it. Couldn't move the ball, couldn't find the right openings, and then if you don't score they go on what seems like a run — they go up six and it feels like you're down 15 or whatever it is. I think the guys — it's the first time I've seen they were really wore down. The guys have been fighting, pushing through it to the end of every single game. So that was the first time I sort of felt like, man, they were worn out. We gotta sort of get past that. it's the 22nd game of the year so they should be worn down, a lot of them."

On Sam getting the two early fouls
"He's one guy that can help other people. Everyone sort of, they know about Sa'eed, so they know how to play him, they're playing him differently so it's a little harder for him to get in the lane and help other guys. Sam's somebody who helps other people so without him it's hard to get good looks especially against the zone." 

On the defense
"I was happy obviously with our defense in the first half but we just can't sustain it at this point."

On Navy's offensive adjustments
"They got us on a play. They were running some motion and setting this little slip screen that again, they scored on it three or four times and it's a run that feels like it's more than that." 

On getting guys like Stacy game experience
"I started Stacy tonight just to force myself to play him more minutes and to have him out there with a group that at least knows what they're doing so they showed they know what they're doing against man but they don't know what they're doing yet or feel comfortable against the 2-3 or against Navy's zone defense."

The effect of the fatigue late
"Yeah. Larry's playing a ton of minutes. Just everything. It wears on you.." 

Ed DeChellis
On offensive adjustments in second half
"Well, we tried to get the ball inside in the first half and we kept throwing the ball away or we were trying to post up and we got offensive fouls called against us. That was plan A. Plan B, we said at halftime, was to drive the ball."

Shawn Anderson
On offensive adjustments in second half
"They were playing physical inside and we were struggling and they were fronting the big guys so that was opening up some driving lanes. So we just tried to take advantage of that, get them to switch, get a big guy on a guard, get to the rim, maybe get fouled. Luck for us it worked tonight." 

On the process for a young, inexperienced team
"I would say when you get into a game against the older teams, the experience, it kills you down the stretch. At one point we were that team and we couldn't figure out ways to win games. American's gonna be a great team. Sa'eed Nelson's incredible, gonna be a great player. So if they just keep working, keep learning, eventually as they get older they'll get experience and then they'll be able to win those games down the stretch."