Postgame quotes: Lafayette 62, American 53

American fell to Lafayette on Jan. 20 to fall to 5-14, 2-6  in the Patriot League. Coach Mike Brennan and James Washington spoke postgame. See below for full video and select quotes. 

Mike Brennan
On the 14-point first-half lead being trimmed: "They're gonna make adjustments, so we've gotta be able to adjust as well. Swtiching hurt us. We were sort of stagnant and didn't know how to respond to switching. That's something that we've got to keep working on."

On Gasperini being back on the bench
"Wish he was playing. It doesn't help us much (having him) on the bench. He wishes he was out there as well."

On the 2008 team being back
"It was great to have them around. We had a little get-together last night with them. It's a tight group. It's impressive to see how many guys showed up. Jordan Nichols all the way from California. Frank Borden from Florida. Bunch of other guys. It was a great group, a fun group, and actually a group that struggled their first couple years and then finally got over the hump their junior and senior year. It was great to see them and I'm glad we put together a nice event to honor them — they deserve it." 

James Washington
"It's tough. The stuff we were doing in the first half was working and we were doing the same stuff in the second half. They just kind of turned it up a little bit more and we didn't match their aggression. It is tough when you lose a very winnable game like that."

On the defense in the second half
"In the second half they got a lot of second-chance points. We weren't boxing out. We weren't aggressive on the defensive end like we were in the first half. That's what cost us the game. Just a few plays that they made at the end, we didn't answer."

On his improvements and reading the offense
"Just being a few steps ahead of the play every single time. In the past years I I feel like I knew where I was supposed to be, but I just really wasn't thinking about what's next. Now I know where I'm supposed to be and my teammates. It makes it easier for them because I'm talking on the floor so that they see and they make that play."