American 69, VMI 64: Mike Brennan and players postgame

Mike Brennan, Sa'eed Nelson and Larry Motuzis spoke after American's second consecutive win, 69-64 over VMI. Below are selected excerpts and video from our postgame coverage. 

On Sa'eed: "It's great. It makes it easy for me, Sa'eed getting to the basket and guy have got to help out."

On playing with shooters this year: “I’m very comfortable. I think this year I'm surrounded with a lot of shooters, more shooters, more skilled people — Larry shooting 28-footers, Sam when he’s playing, Marvin. All these guys can hit shots.”

How much easier is it playing with such shooters?: “It takes a lot off me. And even them, they can create shots as well. That’s a big difference this year. So I’ve gotten some open shots that I didn’t get last year."

On Sam Iorio's start: “I knew what he could do. I played AAU with him a couple years ago. I think I was most impressed with his physical-ness, physicality — going in, getting rebounds … just competing with the big bodies. That really impressed me. And he’s able to hit shots, so that makes him hard to guard."

"it's a fun group to coach, there's a lot of energy. CB's bouncing off the walls in practice every day. He likes basketball and he likes to run around in practice which is good. Larry can score in a lot of different ways. The freshmen I think have been phenomenal in how hard they're working, picking things up. ... they're all sort of embracing their opportunities." 

On Sa'eed: "There's just most space. It's definitely easier for him. I'm still not taking him out of the game until I feel I can. But having shooters and guys who can do things on their own always helps" 

on Gasperini's concussion: "It's actually easy — he has a concussion and he's out. He's not playing. Jesse's getting all these minutes. Jess'e been great. As much as we miss Gasperini, I'm glad Jesse's getting reps."

On AU's version of the Princeton offense this year: "The Princeton offense, it's kind of a misnomer. I hate to say that ... it's all about sharing ... I think they're doing that ... If you've got guys that can go, you let them go. They need to run back on D, too, though."