Quotes: Mike Brennan talks loss to Boston University

American head coach Mike Brennan spoke with the media after American’s 61-50 home loss to Boston University that dropped the Eagles to 2-14, 0-5 in the Patriot League.

Opening statement
"Just more of the same, more of the same. We don't have enough offensively and defensively to win these games. Each team presents something new that sort of stunts us a little bit and we're working on the previous thing."

On Mbargorba coming off the bench to have a big game
"They threw it to him and he scored. He caught the ball low and made easy shots. He ran the court, got good position. It's sort of as simple as that. So yeah he gave them a good game today for sure."

On rolling with Matic down the stretch. Were you pretty happy with how he played and how assertive he was?
"Yeah, I like what Andrija does, I like what he brings to the table. That was sort of his first prolonged minutes in a while so he obviously got tired out there. But I like what he does, I like his feel for the game, his instincts, his skill level, all that stuff — he's just gonna get better. Obviously it just wasn't enough tonight, but I'm excited about Andrija."

What was the reasoning for Jalen getting the start (the first of his career) with the suspension of Delante Jones and Lonnie Rivera?
"Yeah Jalen's been working hard. He's gonna make shots, he can shoot. He hasn't done it yet but he's going to do it once he gets minutes. If he's playing with an older group and knew where his shots are coming, I think he'd shoot a lot better. But he's worked hard, he's one of our hardest workers, and he's going to be out there going forward for sure."

Just 17 minutes for Paris tonight. Was it his defensive struggles? 
"I liked what Andrija was doing when he got in offensively. Andrija seems to be a good decision-maker, he's got good basketball instincts. So I just liked what Andrija was doing."

Obviously you can't control the experience factor, but what needs to change going forward?
"I wouldn't say change, just keep getting better — score more points and defend better. That's the change. Again, we're wearing James — James 37 minutes. There's no way — I've gotta try to cut that down. But I want to give him experience. I think he's going to be really good, and I like having him out there. He's struggling and it's not always perfect. I like the fact that he's getting these minutes and I want him getting all these experiences so he knows the second time around against each team, OK, this is who they are, this is what they got, and hopefully we all improve the second time around."

Are you able to tell us any more about the suspensions and the timeline going forward of when you might have these guys (Delante Jones, Lonnie Rivera, Gabe Brown, Kevin Brown) back?
"I mean they'll be back soon. It's just (a) team violation, college. They'll be back soon, quickly."

Sunday potentially?

Leon didn't play tonight. Is everything all right with him?
"Yeah, just went with the other guys, went with the other guys. Leon's gonna get his cracks, he's just got to keep coming along like all these other guys."