Quotes: Mike Brennan talks loss to Loyola

The AU Hoops Podcast spoke with head coach Mike Brennan after American's Patriot League-opening 75-67 loss at Loyola.

On the team being slow to get into offense in the first half
“It’s a college basketball game and James Washington is tip-toeing the ball up the court … it’s everybody. Him and Delante, Paris getting to his spot.”

On Paris' big second half and an emphasis on getting him the ball
“He’s been working on being able to score down there. We’re trying to get the ball down to him. I don’t know if people will leave him alone like they did today, but it’s something that he’s worked on. He’s got to get some rebounds though.”

On Loyola going on the game-deciding run after Paris' 4th
“Losing him, the guys have to work that much harder. We’re small again. Your offense probably runs a little better because Marko’s in there but you don’t get the low-post scoring, you don’t get to the foul line, that kind of stuff.”

On being down 6 with a minute left and choosing not to press
"The plan was to get the stop, come down & score from there." Brennan added that his preference usually isn't to foul. “at the end of the day I’ve erred on the other side.”

On the team's defensive struggles (only gave up 75 twice in Patriot League play last year)
“There's some breakdowns that you can avoid. There’s a lot of things that you have control over and you can avoid. I don’t want to keep blaming youth, but hopefully we learn from that and our guys understand, wow, every possession is crucial and they can do the things that’s in their power to do. I think we got confused and gave up buckets, an inexperience kind of thing. That’s what we’re going through this whole first part of the year."